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In this post we are going to cover the following topic:

  • How to set static ip address and system hostname

  • How to join domain

  • How to install local mail(squirrelmail) using postfix and dovecot


Open terminal on centos and type command as shown above to configure network

press enter on edit a connection

press enter to edit the network adapter

insert the information as shown above

press enter system hostname

create your hostname

Key in password for Ali(the user that we set up during installation of centos7) to change the hostname

Press enter

How to join domain:

Install package as shown above to join the domain from Microsoft windows

Discover the domain by using command realm discover

Join the domain as administrator, password for administrator of domain is required.

Installation of localmail (using postfix, dovecot and suqirrelmail):

Remove sendmail by using command as shown above

edit hosts file

Add host’s IP address and hostname at the last line the file

Install epel-release package and allow port 80 in firewall

Install postfix and edit the file

Edit accordingly on line 76 and 83

Edit accordingly on line 99 and 113

Edit accordingly on line 164 and 165

Edit accordingly on line 264

Edit accordingly on line 418 and 419, press key esc + shift and ; on keyboard, type wq to save the file and quit

Enable and restart postfix then install telnet

Check SMTP connection using telnet session by key in command as shown above

List all file listed under the recipient, Ali’s mail directory

check the content of the mail

install dovecot and edit dovecot.conf file

Edit accordingly on line 23 and 24

Edit 10-mail.conf file

Edit accordingly on line 24

Edit 10-auth.conf file

Edit on line 10

Edit line 100

Edit 10-master.conf file

Edit line 91 and 92

Type command as shown above to enable and start dovecot

Test pop3 connection with telnet, retr 1 is use to retrieve the whole message in mail directory

Use command above to install squirrelmail

Change directory as shown above and run to configure squirrelmail

Key in 1 and press enter

Enter domain name

Enter s to save data

Change domain to


Edit httpd.conf file

Add text from line 355 to 363 at the bottom of the file, press the key esc + shift + ; and type wq to save the changes and quit

Restart httpd

Open firefox browser

In case cannot connect to imap server and show permission denied during login, run command as shown above

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