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Windows Server 2019 Non Certification 


2 Days

In this 2-day intensive hands-on training, you will learn how to deploy, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot Windows Server 2019.

The training is extensive and covers almost all aspects of Windows Server 2019. You learn what’s new and updated but also common and best practices for handling legacy components in Windows Server 2019.

You learn to build domain controllers, file servers, remote desktop servers, advanced networking, Hyper-V, Storage Spaces Direct, Storage Replica, Failover Cluster, bare metal deployment, migration, upgrading, monitoring, Windows Admin Center (WAC), and more. In just 2 intensive-days you learn almost every part of Windows Server 2019.

You use PowerShell and/or UI to deploy and configure all servers and systems. You basically start with nothing, and after 2 days, you have it all installed and configured.

Module 1 : Deploying Windows Server 2019

Module 2 : Installing & Configuring Basic Infrastructure Services

Module 3 : Remote Desktop Services

Module 4 : Storage and Hyper-V

Module 5 : Failover Cluster

Module 6 : Migration

Module 7 : Management

Module 8 : Troubleshooting

WINDOWS SERVER 2019 practical guide with advance features

2 Days

This 2 days hands-on training you will learn about Advanced Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, ADCS, ADRMS, RDS, WDS, Hyper-V Replication and PowerShell tips, for Microsoft Windows Server 2019.

Module 1 : Installing Windows Server 2019 from a disk or image

Module 2 : Using the Desktop Experience & Server Core

Module 3 : Hyper-V Replication

Module 4 : Configure Domain Controller in Windows Server 2019 Step by Step

Module 5 : Configure DHCP Server in Windows Server 2019 Step By Step

Module 6 : Configure Windows Deployment Services Step by Step

Module 7 : Configure Active Directory Certificates Services (ADCS)

Module 8 : Configure Active Directory Right management Services (ADRMS)

Module 9 : Managing Storage Pool

Module 10 : Powershell Tips & Tricks

Windows Server 2019 for network admin ad, gpo, rds, wsus, dfs

2 Days

This 2 days’ training is designed for Network Administrator seeking to configure & manage a reliable Data Center with the most important servers and Services such as AD, DNS, RDS, WSUS & DFS.


By the end of this 2 days training, you will be able to manage important roles & services in data-centers for most of companies, and you will find yourself able to build their needs from scratch.


We will do our labs using Microsoft Hyper-V, the virtualization technology that allows us to create the needed numbers of virtual machines for servers and computers, we will be together, step by step to build our network in a summarized, clear and very simple way

Module 1 : Configure Hyper-V Environment

Module 2 : Windows Server 2019 and Active Directory Domain and Services Deployment

Module 3 : Group Policy Management

Module 4 : Admin Center & RDS

Module 5 : Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

Module 6 : Distributed Files Services

advanced active directory services with windows server 2019

2 Days

This intensive training is intended for Information Technology (IT) professionals who have Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) experience and are looking for a single course that will further develop knowledge and skills using Access and Information Protection technologies in Windows Server 2019.

Modules :

Module 1 : Advanced Deployment and Administration of AD DS

Module 2 : Securing Active Directory Domain Services

Module 3 : Monitoring, Managing and Recovering AD DS

Module 4 : Implementing and Administering AD DS Sites and Replication

Module 5 : Implementing Group Policy

Module 6 : Managing User Settings with Group Policy

Module 7 : Implementing Secure Shared File Access

Module 8 : Deploying and Managing Active Directory Certificate Services

Module 9 : Deploying & Managing Certificates

Module 10 : Implementing and Administering Active Directory Rights Management Services

Module 11 : Implementing Windows Azure Active Directory

Module 12 : Implementing and Administering AD FS

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