Today’s professionals must possess a solid foundation in networking concepts and practices to streamline enterprise operations and maintain a competitive edge. This course provides you with a working knowledge of IP addressing, TCP/IP operation, LAN solutions, Quality of Service (QoS) requirements, wireless network options, security elements and enterprise internetworking. 

 Module 1 : Introduction 

 Module 2 : Identifying media types and challenges 

 Module 3 : Employing wireless links 

 Module 4 : Investigating Ethernet operations 

 Module 5 : Communicating via radio waves 

 Module 6 : Integrating Wi-Fi operations 

 Module 7 : Deploying Access Points (AP) 

 Module 8 : TCP / IP: A practical protocol suite 

 Module 9 : Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) 

 Module 10 : Ensuring LAN security




Hands-on computer networking skills are highly prized in today’s job market. The Building a Computer Network intensive training offers a quick, hands-on, solutions-based instruction on installing and configuring modern networking devices, clients, and servers.

We bring together all the core knowledge you’ll need to build networks from the ground up.

This training Ideal for all aspiring and entry-level IT professionals, this training will also be an especially valuable complement for CompTIA Network+ and A+ certification preparation.

If you’re ready to start or advance your networking career, the practical knowledge in Building a Computer Network will set you apart from your competitors.

 Module 1 : Planning the Computer Network

 Module 2 : Setting Up and Configuring the SOHO Router 

 Module 3 : The Switch & Cabling the Network

 Module 4 : Installing and Configuring Windows Server 

 Module 5 : Configuring the Windows Clients (Intro to Virtualization) 

 Module 6 : Storage and Backup 

 Module 7 : Configuring More Operating Systems

 Module 8 : Analyzing and Documenting the Network