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ICT Consulting

OSI Technology has distinguished itself from others through its ICT Consulting services. We use of innovative consulting concepts developed through years of experience. Consulting is necessary because ICT implies value, purpose and appropriate methods. Since businesses already have an idea of the importance of ICT, a clear set of methodologies presented in consulting format is needed to guide them in implementing ICT networks in order to reap its rewards. Some key consulting concepts are:

  • Identify needs, given organisational strategy and objectives

  • Define the information, networks, budget and organising principles

  • Present, rationalise and choose technology infrastructure

  • Implement in modules, test, improve

In summary, OSI recognizes that ICT consulting’s value to the client depends on the nature of the project, budget, size of the company, total business impact, etc. Thus, the right solution has to fit within the parameters above for the solution to be a success.

ICT Infrastructure Solutions

OSI Technology’s focus is on the solution, not equipment. Our recommendations will always be for the "best of breed" equipment to perform the desired client tasks. OSI Technology service encompasses multiple manufacturers' equipment and technologies and we operate solely on the interest of the client. Thus, for example if the client specifies a limitation in budget, OSI will still recommend several options for the client to choose, and also an explanation of the feature/benefit/weakness of each option.

The scope covers everything from design, supply, implementation, testing and commissioning of network components or the complete network itself. This service also extends beyond the Local Area Network (LAN) to provide connectivity to the Internet or other LANs the client may have elsewhere in the country.

In today’s complex IT environment, everything starts with a reliable system and network infrastructure. We bring to the client’s attention what features or concepts that need to be incorporated in the network infrastructure, features that make business sense to implement. From our perspective, the client’s network infrastructure is OSI’s responsibility.

OSI can help clients design the critical facets of their network, e.g. DNS, WINS, DHCP into their production environments, even in large routed and / or switched networks. Among the critical areas are:

Network Design and Planning
  • Network Sizing, which includes future growth

  • Technology Selection

  • Virtual LANs

  • Security Measures

  • Storage Solutions

Physical Local Area Networks (LANs)
  • Structured Cabling Systems

  • Site Preparation of Data Centres

  • Raised Flooring

  • Air-Conditioning System

  • Electrical Works

  • Fire-Fighting System

Campus Area and Wide Area Networks (WAN)

Supply and Services in Data Communication Network Systems, Equipment and Accessories, e.g. routers, firewalls, fibre trunking, termination of telecommunications equipment, Internet access, etc within a certain “campus” or manufacturing plant consisting of many buildings. The client may also have branch offices elsewhere in the country that would require similar network connections.

  • Fibre Trunking, Laying, Splicing, Testing and Commissioning

  • Network Integration

  • Connectivity to Telecommunications Infrastructure

  • Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN)

  • Remote Access of Applications

Telecommunications Services
  • Point-to-Point Connection

  • Metro Ethernet

  • Wireless Broadband

  • Satellite Broadband

  • Shared or Internet Connection

  • Metro Ethernet

  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

  • ISDN & ADSL Solutions

  • Network Management

  • Bandwidth Management

  • WAN Accelerators

  • Network Quality of Service (QoS)

Other ICT Solutions

OSI Technology Technologies will also support other ICT requirements, such as voice networks, software development, and integration as well as project management and consultancy, and non-ICT requirements such as Change Management and Training and Documentation.

Security Solutions
  • Consultancy on Security of Data Communications and Telecommunications Network Systems:

  • Security Assessment and Testing

Storage Solutions
  • Consultancy on Storage Management

  • Storage Implementation and Testing

Telephony & Infrastructure Solutions
  • Supply and Services of Telecommunication System

  • Private Access Branch Exchange (PABX)

  • Integration with PABX with wireless devices

  • Cabling and Wiring System for Data and Voice.

  • Short Message Service (SMS) Development

  • Telecommunications Gateway Solutions (SMS, VoIP, etc.)

Supply & Distribution
  • Distribution of Computer Software and Computer Peripherals

Disaster Recovery
  • Protection for essential functions such as E-mail.

  • Protects against failures including hard drive failure, power failure, fire, virus attacks, etc.

Automation Electronics
  • CCTV and Security Surveillance Systems

  • Process Automation and Instrumentations

  • Distributed Control Systems (DCS)

  • Building Management Systems

Open Source Solutions
  • Messaging Solutions

  • Security Solutions

  • Web Development Solutions

  • Server-side Solutions

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