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Apple macOS  SUPPort professional 
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02 DAys

Apple macOS Support Professional is a Intensive 2-day training that prepares participants to become certified in managing & troubleshooting macOS Sonoma. Through interactive discussions and hands-on exercises, participants learn macOS Sonoma setup, maintenance, features, and associated services. Participants also learn how to troubleshoot macOS Sonoma and Mac hardware, and repair Mac computers. Participants’ knowledge and skills are tested and reinforced by working through real-world scenarios in hands-on labs

Module 1 : Introduction to Mac Hardware

Module 2 : macOS Setup and Maintenance

Module 3 : macOS User Accounts

Module 4 : macOS Security

Module  5 : macOS File System

Module 6 : macOS Permissions

Module 7 : Time Machine

Module 8 : Power Management

Module 9 : macOS Networks

Module 10 : macOS Troubleshooting Tools

Module 11 : Troubleshooting Startup

Module 12 : Systematic Troubleshooting

Master your Mac 2024 


  • Use macOS Sonoma in the easiest and most effective ways

  • Find out all the new features and options of macOS Sonoma

  • Learn how to customise the OS to fit your specific needs and preferences

  • Know the most common Keyboard Shortcuts used on macOS

  • Understand the basics of maintaining your Mac

  • Know how to use Finder to organise files and folders

  • Tips and Tricks for getting the most out of your Mac


Module 1 : New features of macOS Sonoma

Module 2 : Basics of macOS

Module 3 : macOS basic elements

Module 4 : Finder - Work with Files and Folders

Module  5 : Become Advanced macOS User

Module 6 : Multitasking on macOS

Module 7 : Customize your macOS

Module 8 : Master Web Browsing with SAFARI

Module 9 : Learn macOS Keyboard Shortcuts

Module 10 : System Maintenance and Security

Module 11 : Share & Connect with other Devices

Module 12 : Basics of Shortcuts APP

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