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Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Exploitation (using metaploit on kali linux)

type command as shown above to create and initialize msf database

start msfconsole

verify database connectivity


modules in metasploit can be check via this path:


how to control/exploit window 7 using eternal blue doublepulsar:

use below method to check wehther target is vulnerable to SMB attack or not:

the result above show that the target has been patch

the result above show that the target is vulnerable to SMB attack

dpkg --add-architecture i386 && apt-get update && apt-get install wine32

type wine cmd.exe to try run wine32 on kali linux

type exit and press enter

copy the link

Type as above to use the following module to start exploitation

you are in! (able to access victim’s directory)

To exploit windows 10:

type show options to see available options for this exploit, srv host is the attacker's IP address

open a new window to oduble check own IP address

set as shown above

Copy the link generated

on victim side, open web browser

when key in the url or click on the url, the payload will be downloaded

back to the attacker machine

type sessions -l to list the available session

type sessions1(or follow by the session id that is listed when you type sessions -l), you can check the info by typing sysinfo and gaining shell access to the victim by typing shell

The fat rat on window server 2012:

click on the first result

copy the link

open terminal, type git clone follow by the link address that just copied

change directory to the downloadded folder (TheFatRat), find the file, make it executable by typing chmod a+x and run it by typing ./

let us open firefox browser, type debian package and download a .deb first before we proceed

click view the packages in the stable distribution

move the project.deb to /var/www/html/apache

on ubuntu download project.deb from apache site

back to victim (red hat 7.6), make the project.deb executable

then run it

back on kali attack machine

MiTM against SQL server:

Before we getting started, let us make sure that we have enable server account on victim SQL server

click security tab, and tick SQL Server and windows Authentication mode

click ok

you could change the password if you want and uncheck the enfoce password policy box to prevent complex password

go to status tab, tick enabled login then press ok

add a few column in the table

back to kali linux, open wireshark by running the command as shown above

click the blue fin icon on top left to start capture packet and type tds.query at the filter tab to filter query packet

Double check the victim IP address

Key in the victim IP address

Select the directory of password list after tick password list

Click start

Result is shown

Extract mysql schema information using metasploit: