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windows hiding identity tools:


2. proton vpn

3. novirusthankyou mac changer

click googgle crome

search Opera

download Opera

right click OperaSetup and click Run to administrator

click install

go to to check current public IP address

click on advanced, privacy & security then scroll down to VPN option, turn the option on

Seach ProtonVPN

download ProtonVPN

Right click to ProtonVPN left click Run as Administrator

Click next

select file location toinstallation ProtonVPN then click next

Click install

Click run

Click Finish

Click Create account

Click Get Free

key in your email address and click GET VPN PROTON FREE

go to your email inbox to check the verification number and key in in the box then click ivalidate

create a new username and password then click COMPLETE

type user name and password you create click login

click quick connect

novirusthanks MAC address changer:

click download now

Run mac_address_changer_setup

click accept the agreement click Next

Click Next

after Find file location Click Next

create a desktop icon

Click Install

click finish

click change MAC address

you could key in any MAC address manually or click on randomize to generate a random MAC address, click change to make changes

Tools used in Kali linux for hiding identity:

1. tor

2. mac changer via crontab -e

make changes to the script file by removing # infront of dynamic_chain and add # infront of strict chain, double confirm the version of proxychains.conf on top of the file

3 is the version of proxychains.conf then follow by name of the browser, in our case is firefox

as long as this browser and terminal that run proxychains is not close, this proxy vould be use

check interface name before we get started, in my case my network interface name is eth0

run the above command, then type Crontab -e and enter (to use nano as file editor)

click ctrl + x to exit, then type Y to save the file

hit enter

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