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Simple Step Enable AD Recycle Bin in Windows Server 2012 R2

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Hi all,

In my previous post, we had go through a step on how to configure AD Snapshot using NTDSUTIL, but now lets go through how you as a Server Admin can restore deleted user account in your AD just by using GUI...

FYI, in Windows 2012, the AD Recycle Bin can be enabled to provide a simplified process for restoring deleted objects. The AD Recycle Bin enables you to restore deleted objects with full functionality, without having to restore AD DS data from backups, and then restart AD DS or reboot domain controllers.

AD Recycle Bin builds on the existing tombstone reanimation infrastructure and enhances your ability to preserve and recover accidentally deleted Active Directory objects.

So, lets see how enable this AD Recycle Bin...

1 - On your domain server (DC01.comsys.local), open Server Manager, on the dashboard, click Tools and click Active Directory Administrative Center.

2 - Next, click on Comsys (local), on the right side in the Tasks pane, click Enable Recycle Bin, click OK on the warning message box, and then click OK to the refresh Active Directory Administrative Center message.

3 - Next, to stimulate the function of AD Recycle Bin, lets delete some users from our OU...

4 - Once you confirm that the users deleted from the OU, now lets restore back the users, to do that, click Comsys (Local), and then double-click Deleted Objects.

5 - Next, highlight the deleted users from the Deleted Users space, then right click selected users and click Restore...

6 - Now on the right side, click the Production OU, you should see now all my deleted users has been successfully restore...

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