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On database zone, there is only one virtual machine which is window server 2016. This virtual machine is going to be setup in NUC2.

Click create a new virtual machine

Tick typical and click next

Tick I will restart the operating system later and click next

Tick Microsoft windows as guest operating system, tick window server 2016 as version then click next

Rename this virtual machine, click browse to select or create a location to store the virtual machine then click next

Key in 60GB as disk size, tick store virtual disk as a single file ten click next

Click customize hardware

Change RAM to 2GB (2048MB) then click ok

Change number of processor and cores per processor to 1

Click bridged as network adapter, tick replicate physical network connection state then click close

Click finish

Click power on this virtual machine

Click power on this virtual machine

Click next

Click install now

Choose window server 2016 standard evaluation (desktop experience) then click next

Tick I accept the license terms then click next

Click custom

Click next

Create a password for administrator


In order to prevent confusion, i have renamed this virtual machine as 'DBZ-window server 2016' instead on window server 2016

Right click on the virtual machine tab and click settings

Click option tab

Rename this virtual machine as DBZ-window server 2016 and click ok

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