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Office 365 Trial Account Example - Part 2 ' Office 365 Menu'

As promised, today I'm going to continue to guide you about Office 365 function/menu.

This time, lets go through how our Office 365 user can use their Office 365 interface & function. Its so easy so your End User can just configure their Office 365 on their own.

1 - When your user log in to their Office 365 account, this is what they will get.. Get Started page.. here your Office 365 can have many function such as Outlook, Skydrive, sites etc..

2 - Lets see what our Office 365 user (Mr.Morgan) have in his Office 365 account. When My User Mr. Morgan click Outlook Menu.. this will be his email account where he can send out & receive email from & to organization.

3 - Other than that, he can also attach any file.. this also work on any web browser..

4 - Next, on Calendar menu, Mr.Morgan can check his schedule, create new appointment, share the calender with other Office 365 users, just like legacy diary..

5 - On People menu, this is where Mr.Morgan can connect to his Organization contact & even to his LinkedIn account.

6 - Next on the NewsFeed, Mr.Morgan can have news, his social network activity and even follow people @ sites.. this is almost like his Facebook..

7 - Next, this is where things get more interesting, Mr.Morgan can upload all his work files to Skydrive Pro, SkyDrive Pro gives him 7 GB of personal storage so he can access his files from anywhere and that syncs with his PC.

8 - On the Sites menu, this is where Mr.Morgan can create his own website. Promote his business with a website that is easy to set up, using your his company domain name. No additional hosting fees.

** I will blog more on this Sites function later..

9 - Next on the Office 365 settings menu, Mr.Morgan can edit his profile and get more settings inside such as Office 365 software installation.

10 - After Mr.Morgan click Office 365 settings, he will get few settings that he can change & update. 1st, on this menu of ME, this is where Mr.Morgan can update his profile such as address, phone etc..

11 - Next menu is Software, this is where Mr.Morgan can download & install his own Office Application (based on Organization subscription). For this example, he can download & install from online such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc.. He even can install Lync for communication so that he can chat with his colleges.

12 - Next on the Lync menu, Mr.Morgan can download Lync 2013 to his PC @ he can directly connect to Microsoft Store to download Lync 2013.

13 - Under the Lync menu, Mr.Morgan can have his tools & add-ins for SharePoint Designer 2013. This is where he can create workflows and modify the look and feel of his SharePoint sites.

14 - Next, on the desktop setup menu, Mr.Morgan can download Setup file for him to update the copy of Office on his computer. As mentioned desktop setup menu, This will update the copy of Office on Mr.Morgan computer so he can use Outlook and Office 365 together for email and Save Office documents to SkyDrive.

15 - Next on the phone & tablet menu, Mr.Morgan can download apps for his phone.. When he click "choose your phone or tablet" menu, there are few list appear for him to download, its all depend on his own mobile devices platform.. for this example, assume Mr.Morgan is using Windows Phone mobile platform and he choose Windows Phone, then he click get apps..

16 - After he click get apps button, he will be directed to new explorer where he can download the office apps & send a link to his mobile..

** If you're using latest Windows Phone, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Onenote & Outlook is pre-installed in your phone.

17 - Next menu, this is where Mr.Morgan can change his Office 365 password.

18 - On the contact preferences menu, here Mr.Morgan can Choose how and why Microsoft Online Services contacts him such as contact him about educational content, promotional offers and so on..

19 - Next, he can change language for Microsoft Online Service.

20 - The last menu which is get started, when Mr.Morgan click this menu it will return to 1st page of Office 365 portal.

orait.. that's all for today.. wait for my next post.. c'ya

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