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In this post we will cover

How to configure network

How to set system hostname and join domain

how to install wordpress

how to install local email server using mozilla thunderbird

Type command above to configure network

Move to edit a connection and press enter

Key in information as shown above and click ok

move to set system hostname and press enter

Press enter

press enter

How to join domain controller on MZ-window server 2016:

Install aobve package by typing command as shown above.

after reboot, type command above follow by our domain name to discover it. After discover the domain, join the domain by typing the second domain as shown in the picture above.

Installation of wordpress on MZ-RHEL7:

Install wget to install file over network

Install apache

Start apache service and check status of apache

How to install mariadb:

Start and enable mariadb services

increase security of mariadb installation:

Enter ‘y’ for all options.

How to install php:

move to /var/www/html create test.php to test apache

Type the following content into test.php, press the key eac + shift + ; then type wq to save and exit

On another virtual machine in militarized zone, key in ip address of red hat server and press enter to see if the file test.php is up or not

log on to mariadb to create database, user and password

use command above to grant privilege of the database created to the user

How to install and configure wordpress:

Download latest wordpress package from wordpress website

Decompressed the package

Copy content of wordpress folder to /var/www/html

Change the owner of /var/www/html to apache user.

Configure wordpress:

Copy cp wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php

Edit wp-config.php file

Edit the following parameter in line 23, 26 and 29

Open a browser on another virtual machine in militarized zone, key in the ip address of red hat 7 server and you should see the page above

How to install email server (local mail):

Edit hosts file

Add on the 3rd line with the static IP address and system hostname

install thunderbird email client using command as listed above

Install postfix

Install dovecot

Open the port as shown above on firewall then reload it

Edit file

Edit the line 76 and 83

Edit the line 99 and 113

Edit the line 164 and 165

Edit the line 264

Edit the line 419

start and check status of postfix

How to install telnet:

install telnet with command as shown above

create 2 user for later use to test sending email via mozilla thunderbird mail agent

Test smtp connection by using telnet session

Move to recipient maildir directory to check whether the mail is received or not

Edit dovecot.conf

Edit line 24

Edit 10-mail.conf

Edit line 24

Edit 10-auth.conf

Edit line 10

Edit line 100

Edit 10-master.conf file

Edit line 91 and 92

Edit 10-ssl.conf file

Edit line 10 to enable SSL

run and check status of dovecot

Test pop3 connection using telnet session and retrieve the previous message

On MZ-windows 7 virtual machine:

Open a browser, search for mozilla thunderbird email application and click on the first result

Under english version, click windows and click save

Click run

Click yes

Click next

Tick standard and click next

Click install after install click finish

Click on email under set up an account

Filll in the user email address and password that we have set up before

Choose IMAP and click done

Click i understand the risks and click done

Click confirm security exception

On the left tab, we can see that have sign in as john