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Before we start to install services as stated in the title, let us start to do some basic configuration such as set static IP address, hostname and create a domain ( for militarized zone.

How to set computer name:

Open start menu, search for this pc, right click and click properties

Click Change setting

click change

change computer name then click ok

click ok

Click restart now

How to set static IP address:

Open start menu, search for network and sharing center and open it

Click change adapter setting

Right click on network adapter and click properties

Double click internet protocol version 4(TCP/IPv4)

Change the setting as above and click ok

How to deploy domain controller (ADDC) and DNS:

Click add roles and features

Click next

Click next

Click next

Tick active directory domain service

tick include managemenet tools then click Add Features

Click next

Click next

Click next

Click install

click close

Click promote this server to a domain controller

Key in domain for militarized zone, and click next

Create a DSRM password for administrator account of the domain

Click next.

Click next

Click next

Click next

Wait for prerequisites check to complete

When it is done, click install

After that click close

the virtual machine will restart

How to configure forward and reverse zone on DNS:

Open server manager

Click tools on top right and click DNS

Right click on reverse lookup and click new zone

Click next

Tick primary zone and click next

Click next

Click next

Key in the network ID as 192.168.10. as the network of militarized zone is 192.168.10.xx then click next

Tick do no allow dynamic update and click next

Click finish

How to set forward lookup zone:

On DNS manager, click on forward lookup zone, and double click on our domain which is

right click and click new host(A & AAA)

Key in IP address of MZ-window server 2016, tick create associated pointer (PTR) record and click add host.

click ok

Click done

Open powershell, try to do nslookup on domain and IP address to check whether the forward and reverse zone is configure correctly.

How to set DHCP server:

Open server manager, click add roles and features

click next

click next

Click next

Tick DHCP Server

Click Add Features

click next

click next

click install

click close

Click next

click commit

click close

Click close

How to set DHCP scope:

open server manager, click tools on top right and click DHCP

right click IPv4 and click new scope

click next

named this scope then click next

configure as above

add range of IP that wish to exclude from DHCP server

set lease duration(how often will DHCP server reassign IP address to connected device) then click next

click next

click finish

How to install container:

open server manager, click add roles and features, then click next