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Windows Server 2012 – Facts you need to know!!!

20 Fast Facts About Microsoft Windows Server 2012..

Fact No. 1: Integrated Virtualization

Fact No. 2: Enhanced Scale and Density

Fact No. 3: Simplified Virtual Machine Migrations

Fact No. 4: Better Deployment and Management for Virtual Desktop Environments

Fact No. 5: Simplified Application Development for the Cloud

Fact No. 6: Accelerated Problem Resolution

Fact No. 7: Common Identity Management in the Cloud

Fact No. 8: Better Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

Fact No. 9: More Efficient Storage Transfers

Fact No. 10: An End to Corruption in Real Time

Fact No. 11: Greater Resiliency for Large Storage Volumes

Fact No. 12: Support for 4K Sector Hard Drives

Fact No. 13: Integrated Network Virtualization

Fact No. 14: Load Balancing and Failover

Fact No. 15: High Virtual Machine Throughput

Fact No. 16: Automated Task Management

Fact No. 17: Reinforced Security Through a Consolidated Interface

Fact No. 18: Clearer Visibility Into Utilization and Performance

Fact No. 19: Automated IP Address Discovery and Management

Fact No. 20: Flexibility to Shift Workloads Between and Among Cores

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