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Simple step to create a Group using Windows Powershell in Server 2012

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

In my previous post, I posted a step to create AD user account using Windows PowerShell, now i going to show you how to create a AD group using Windows Powershell in this simple step.

1 - as usual, open your Windows Powershell (please identify where you going to place your new group, for this demo I will create a MelakaBranchUsers group in MelakaBranch OU)

2 - in PowerShell, please type New-ADGroup MelakaBranchUsers -Path "ou=MelakaBranch,dc=cpx,dc=local" -GroupScope Global -GroupCategory Security and press Enter.

-- New-ADGroup MelakaBranchUsers = this command to create new Group call MelakaBranch

-- -Path "ou=MelakaBranch,dc=cpx,dc=local" = this command is location where you going to create the group

-- -GroupScope Global -GroupCategory Security = this command is where you choose global group scope and security group type

3 - Open Active Directory User and Computers, refresh the interface and your newly created MelakaBranchUser is appear.

4 - Next, lets transfer our AD user Maler into this MelakaBranchUser group, in your PowerShell type Add-ADGroupMember MelakaBranchUsers -Members Maler and press Enter.

5 - Lastly, to check if Maler is in correct group we created just now or not, execute this command : Get-ADGroupMember MelakaBranchUsers

That's all for now.. my next post I will guide you all how to create AD user accounts in Bulk..

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