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Create a User Account using PowerShell in Server 2012

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

This is simple step in how to create a user account using Windows PowerShell in Windows Server 2012.

For this demo, I'm using MIZI01.cpx.local domain that I previously deploy in Hyper-V, and for the client I prepare Windows 8 so that I can simulate the account created.

1 - Open your Windows Powershell which located in your taskbar.

- 2 Next, in your Powershell, type New-ADOrganizationalUnit MelakaBranch to create 1 new Organizational unit (for this demo, I create 1 new OU name MelakaBranch)

3 - Open Active Directory User & Computer to confirm the new OU succesfully created.

4 - After your new OU successfully created, now you can create your new user (for this demo I'm using a new user call Maler Selvarajah). In Powershell, type New-ADUser -Name Maler -DisplayName "Maler Selvarajah" -GivenName Maler -Surname Selvarajah -Path "ou=MelakaBranch,dc=cpx,dc=local" and press Enter. ** Refresh Active Directory User and Computer to confirm your new user is created successfully.

5 - Next, you must create password for your new user by typing Set-ADAccountPassword Maler

6 - Once your User password successfully created, you need to enable the account so that your new user can log in to their Windows 8 machine. Type Enable-ADAccount Maler and press Enter.

7 - Next, go to Windows 8 machine and try log in using Maler account.

My new user now successfully log in to her Windows 8 machine..

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