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Cloud Computing Standards

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

As we know that Cloud Computing is growing very fast and adoption of cloud computing has led to a strong push from IT organizations of all sizes, especially from major companies, to develop standards that address issues such as security and data portability in the cloud.

But the rush for standards has multiple organizations trying to define standards.

Where there is no defined standard as yet, one day we will have a convergence, which will likely benefit all concerned.

There are several alliances working independently towards defining cloud standards.

  • Open Data Center Alliance : This is formed in 2010 has he backing of Intel, Disney Internet Labs, BMW, Deutsche Bank,JPMorgan Chase, Marriott International, and many more industry stalwarts.

  • Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF): Delivers cloud interoperability and security standards. It has created the Open Cloud Standards Incubator (OCSI) for dealing with he requirement of open management standards for cloud computing.

  • Open Grid Forum (OGF) : It is an open community that is involved in driving the rapid evolution and adoption of applied distributed computing. It has launched the Open Cloud Computing Interface Working Group in order to provide an open community,consensus-driven API for cloud infrastructures.

  • Open Cloud Consortium(OCC) : It is a member-driven organization that provides reference implementations, benchmarks, and standards for cloud computing.

  • Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) : It publishes guidelines necessary for secure cloud computing.

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