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Office 365 Trial Account Example - Part 1

What's Office 365?

** Instead of throwing a bunch of cash to buy a license for Microsoft Office 2013 outright, you can rent it from Microsoft for a monthly fee.

In my Windows Server classes, I always getting question about Office 365.. what's actually Office 365?, How about the Security behind this technology? Is our data secure enough? can I use it in MAC platform? what will happen to my existing MS Office? Is this same like Google Apps? wow.. the list go on and on and on..

so here I print screen a few example of My Trial Office 365 account and how its work.. for this post, I will go through a simple step how to work with Office 365 outlook (email).. check it out..

1st - You can get free 30 days Office 365 trial account from Microsoft.. log in here & give it a try..

** Just follow the instruction (U can use any company name U prefer)..

2 - Once everything in order, you can now log in to your new Office 365 account.

3 - Once you successfully log in, you will see a nice blue/white interface known as a Admin Dashboard..

** Since you a are the only person (IT Admin) who going to configure Office 365 account for your organization, make sure only you can have access to this Admin Dashboard

** in this page also you can see Alert showing how many days left for your trial account.

4 - On the Admin Dashboard, you can start by creating email address for your Staff.. click users & group..

5 - the,, just click the + button to create new account

you can also fill up additional info about your user...

6 - Next.. on the setting page, I do not want this user to have administrative right/permission :

on the assign licenses, just click next (this page inform you that you still have left how many trial licenses)..

7 - Next, as a administrator of the Office 365 account, you will get email containing your new user information such as password..

8 - so now your new user will appear on the Users and Groups page..

9 - So now let's try this newly created Office 365 account, let see if our new user can use his/her new email account

** for this demo, I'm using Windows 8 Enterprise which is running in Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V, this is to simulate how Office 365 running in case your user using Windows 8 tablet...

10 - On the Windows 8, I open Internet Explorer & log in to Office 365 account..

11 - your new User need to change to new password.. he/she will change it here..

12 - now I have 2 running Office 365 account.. what we going to do now is to try the email function (outlook)..

13 - On the client Windows 8 system, your Office 365 user can click Outlook menu..

after he/she change the language & time zone just click Save..

14 - once your Office 365 user log in to his/her outlook account.. lets try send some email..

-- on my account (I'm a Office 365 Administrator).. I will send 1 email to Mr.Morgan (this is my Office 365 user).. on my Office 365 outlook .. just click new email

15 - next, to simulate if the email from me (Office 365 admin) is go through and send to Mr.Morgan (my Office 365 user).. on the Mr.Morgan Windows 8, he can refresh the Office 365 interface..

orait, that's all for now.. i will continue this post later on other function of Office 365 such as skydrive, calender etc..

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