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Cloud Computing : Types of Organizations might not benefit from Cloud Computing – Part 9

Cloud computing offers several cost-effective solutions to today’s highly competitive businesses, regardless of organization size.

The ability to activate and retire resources as needed, dynamically update infrastructure elements, and move workloads to improve efficiency without having to worry about creating new infrastructures for each new application.

All at an affordable price, supported by specialists at no additional cost. Who wouldn’t want these advantages?

If yours is an organization with legacy apps looking for instant scalability from a cloud solution, consider this.

Even if an organization decides that the advantages offered by cloud computing are too good to ignore, and decide to run their applications on a cloud (public or private), it does not necessarily mean that their applications will. For example, just because an organization is running applications on Microsoft Windows Azure or employing virtualization expert does not mean those applications can scale like

In order to take advantage of the scalability, agility and reliability of the cloud, applications must be built on a cloud-enabled platform.

If you cannot afford to spend resources to do this, and the key benefit you are looking for is immediate scalability, consider your options.

If you are a large organization considering the cloud from a cost savings perspective, keep in mind that while public cloud has a low initial cost, there is an ongoing cost as well.

Depending on your usage of the cloud, you may or may not see cost-savings. Also keep in mind that you will keep paying the costs, without adding an asset to your books or depreciating your facilities investments.

Organizations that need stringent governance around their IT resources may not find cloud to be a good fit for all their computing needs.

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