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MCSE Productivity

Microsoft Productivity Non Certification

Administering Microsoft Exchange Server 2016


• This intensive hands-on boot-camp teaches IT professionals how to administer and support Exchange Server 2016.

• Students will learn how to install Exchange Server 2016, and how to configure and manage an Exchange Server environment.

• The course covers how to manage mail recipients and public folders, including how to perform bulk operations using Exchange Management Shell.

• Students also will learn how to manage client connectivity, message transport and hygiene, how to implement and manage highly available Exchange

Server deployments, and how to implement back up and disaster recovery solutions.

• The course also teaches students how to maintain and monitor an Exchange Server 2016 deployment.

• Students will learn how to administer Exchange Online in an Office 365 deployment.

 Module 1: Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2016

 Module 2: Managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 servers

 Module 3: Managing recipient objects

 Module 4: Managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 and recipient objects by using Exchange Management Shell

 Module 5: Implementing client connectivity

 Module 6: Managing high availability in Exchange Server 2016

 Module 7: Implementing disaster recovery for Microsoft Exchange Server 2016

 Module 8: Configuring and managing message transport

 Module 9: Configuring antivirus, antispam, and malware protection

 Module 10: Implementing and managing Microsoft Exchange Online deployments

 Module 11: Monitoring and troubleshooting Microsoft Exchange Server 2016

 Module 12: Securing and maintaining Exchange Server 2016

2 Days

Core Solutions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013

 • This Intensive Technical Session will provide you with the knowledge and skills to plan, deploy,

manage, secure, and support Microsoft Exchange Server 2013.

 • This Technical Session, you will also be learn on how to configure Exchange Server 2013 and supply you with the information you need when monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot Exchange Server 2013.

 • This course will also provide guidelines, best practices, and considerations that will help you optimize performance and minimize errors and security threats in Exchange Server 2013.

 Module 1: Deploying and Managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2013

 Module 2: Planning and Configuring Mailbox Servers

 Module 3: Managing Recipient Objects

 Module 4: Planning and Deploying Client Access Servers 

 Module 5: Planning and Configuring Messaging Client Connectivity

 Module 6: Planning and Implementing High Availability

 Module 7: Planning and Implementing Disaster Recovery

 Module 8: Planning and Configuring Message Transport

 Module 9: Planning and Configuring Message Hygiene

 Module 10: Planning and Configuring Administrative Security and Auditing

 Module 11: Monitoring and Troubleshooting Microsoft Exchange Server 2013

2 Days

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