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Cloud Computing : Steps for successful Cloud adoption – Part 16

Cloud adoption can be a tedious & sometimes scary process.

In your fear of doing something wrong, you may be tempted to buy a big, expensive consulting package and just have someone else handle everything.

You don’t need to do that.  Simply find a subject matter expert to serve as a mentor that can guide you through the process of pragmatically evaluating and possibly even adopting Cloud.

Along the way, make sure that this mentor is educating you and your team so that you are able to function effectively once this person has left the building.

A few steps for successful cloud adoption are as follows :

  • Identify your business drivers : Get educated, talk to vendors and key members of your IT staff

  • Develop the Strategy : Show how cloud can align with business needs, and articulate a value proposition.

  • To Cloud or Not? : Assess your organizational readiness from financial, technical, business and governance perspectives.

  • Pilot It : Run a pilot with one or more scenarios where you anticipate benefits. Evaluate against clearly defined success criteria.

  • Gain stakeholder buy-in : Carefully analyze feedback from both IT staff, as well as users. Is cloud computing right for your organization? Is it worth it? Get buy-in.

  • Plan for an Enterprise roll-out if the pilot is successful

Understand selection criteria for a pilot :

First, understand and identify business goals for cloud computing.

Target appropriate workloads that can support those essentials.

Next, identify a group to pilot, or develop a prototype for the investigation.

Develop and communicate detailed requirements.

Manage the pilot/prototype. Assess and communicate the results.

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